Modern Nursing is a dynamic therapeutic and educational process in meeting the health needs of the individual, the family and the community. Nursing is one of the health professions which functions in conjunction with other health team agencies in assisting individuals families and communities to achieve and maintain desirable standards of health. The Management believes in the concepts of health as laid down by WHO "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

Since nurses will undoubtedly continue to provide a large part of healthcare, their training should equip with professional expertise to meet the changing demands of society and the expanding role therein. To achieve this, the management of HOLY MOTHER INSTITUTE OF NURSING lay emphasis to impart the knowledge and skills most relevant to the health care needs of the community and the country as a whole.


At the end of the year of study the students are excepted to

Have the aptitude, knowledge and skill necessary for assessing nursing needs of the individuals throughout the life cycle, families and communities.

Apply relevant knowledge from biological and behavioral sciences in planning and carrying out safe nursing care activities.

Cooperation with members of the health team in the hospital or in the community in prevention of diseases, promotion, restoration of health & rehabilitation.

Demonstrate skill in the use of problem solving methods in nursing practice.

Demonstrate activity to supervise and guide auxiliary personnel who are part of the nursing team.

Demonstrate understanding and commitment of professional behavior.


The Holy Mother Institute of Nursing has dedicated, sincere and hard working faculty with excellent professional knowledge and long years of world wide experience. They impart their valuable knowledge and experience to the young students both in the class room and in the clinical setting. Individual guidance is given to each student to excel in their academic performance and in the clinical skills.



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